Agreement investment

This approval must be read before obtaining account registration and ALIBANK account top-up of $10 (Rp. 148,601) and reaching the following agreement:

Each prospective member must purchase a $10 registration ticket (Rp. 148,601) from the leader who explains or sponsors.
After registration, prospective members will have 2 x 24 hours to fill in the ALIBANK account balance of $10 (Rp. 148,601). If the prospective member has not filled up the ALIBANK account and has exceeded the 2x24 hour limit, declare the HI/investment rights as VOID/invalid
Registration tickets that have been purchased cannot be refunded.
Formally registered members have the status of “merchant” or “ALIBANK shareholder” according to the amount of investment they own, and can act as “merchant and shareholder”.
ALIBANK members or as part of the ownership of all shares or investment rights have the right to understand ALIBANK’s financial system, including:

  1. ALIBANK managed funds
  2. Advantages of trade and physical transactions
  3. ALIBANK expenses, such as withdrawals, website maintenance, etc.
  4. Where does the ALIBANK fund operate
  • Members who fill out their ALIBANK account at $10 USD (Rp.148,601) per day are entitled to $0.07/Rp.1040 per day profit.
  • The daily profit will be included in the ALIBANK committee section on each member’s account, earning $0.07 per day,
    Defrost every week, that is, every Saturday. Minimum withdrawal 10%
  • If the profit withdrawn does not reach the minimum $2, the withdrawal will be rejected
  • Members will receive a daily profit for 5 years, and there will be no investment rights capital withdrawal or account closure.
  • The collection of referral bonuses and awards is based on company regulations, which are included in the marketing plan.
  • Registration tickets purchased by members/leaders cannot be returned to the company.
  • The withdrawal/withdrawal of the ALIBANK committee can be done in two ways:
  1. At least 10% of the funds can be withdrawn directly to the company every Saturday and will be verified by ALIBANK
  2. Sell dollars to your companions.

The time to approve payment depends on the queue, with a daily limit of 3-5 day.

  • The company has the right to freeze member accounts for the following reasons:
  1. Members deceived the company and associate members.
  2. It is known that a system has been made in the system.
  3. Slander the company and management.
  4. Do what is considered harmful to the company.
  5. Accounts blocked by the company will not be entitled to the rights during the retention period.
  6. The account is suspended, making it impossible to withdraw funds or close the account
  • Conditions for account closure/fund withdrawal:
  1. Members can withdraw funds/close the account, the funds will be returned by the company within 25 working days, and from the $10 investment A 25% discount is deducted from the value. Funds will be entered into the registered account.
  2. After the member finishes speaking and makes a withdrawal, the member no longer enjoys the rights and obligations of the member.
  3. You can register again, but you can use the new points like a new member.
  • High risk: If something happens to the company due to market chaos, hackers and other digital crimes, and some or all of it Capital loss, then this is a risk that you must accept and will not require the company and management to provide capital returns. Do not file claims or legal claims against the company and company management.
  • As long as the website system is damaged, the management will continue to work hard to repair it.
  • Associate members know that there is no mandatory when deciding to invest or invest in ALIBANK
  • The company reserves the right to change the policy and make adjustments according to the company’s development.


ALIBANK.CLUB is a business platform. The system used has never been found on any investment business platform or product. The system aims to provide members with long-term profits and create resilience and strength for the company.

However, every investment will always involve a certain degree of risk, including the loss of some or all of the capital. However, there are many activities in the world that involve risks-high risks and even death, but these activities continue and have brought great success to criminals.

Therefore, without any pressure from Read the entire content of the agreement completely and consciously.
Therefore, there are no implied or express requirements