Marketing plan

ALIBANK.CLUB provides an opportunity for all ALIBANK members to earn passive income from timeless contracts and have the following rights and obligations Profit from active income:
1 HI (Investment Rights): $10 (148,601)

  • To obtain 1HI, prospective members must purchase a registration ticket at a price of US$15 (150,000 IDR) through the ALIBANK website/app. The validity period is 2x24 hours
  • Every 1 HI will provide 4% of passive income per week and will enter the wallet of ALIBANK members indefinitely.

Recommendation bonus
Referral bonus or invitation bonus will be given to 10% of members and will be included in the ALIBANK wallet.

  • “A“invite” B“then” A“ will receive 10% of the $50. When “ B” replenishes $50 in the ALIBANK account, this bonus will be automatically entered into the ALIBANK“ A” wallet

Each member will have the opportunity to earn rewards in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  • The member has at least 1 left referrer and 1 right referral People have the right to receive rewards for their network development.

  • Reward and achievement criteria:

Rewards will be awarded to members who meet the company’s set standards and submitted at the time set by the company.

After receiving the reward, the points calculation will be repeated from the beginning or from 0 to get the next reward.

ALIBANK.CLUB is a commercial platform. The system it uses has never been found on any investment commercial platform or product. The system aims to provide members with long-term profits and create resilience and strength for the company.

However, every investment will always involve a certain degree of risk, including the loss of part or all of the capital.
However, there are many activities in the world that involve high risks and even death risks. However, these activities are still going on and have brought much glory to the perpetrators.

The company has the right to change the policy and make adjustments according to the company's development.

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