I came here not only to seek profit, but also we come from the famous ALIBABA GROUP, because too many people want to get the price difference Contracts and foreign exchange transactions or our market system profit, so we try to provide solutions for these requirements by investing in CFDs and foreign exchange transactions. Several well-known foreign exchange brokers and Interactive Brokers master accounts.

ALIBANK was established to provide a smart work solution with passive income, no work, no sales, and no recruitment to generate smart income. It will use several leading foreign exchange brokers and Interactive Brokers as CFD/NAS Daq broker, distributes investors’ funds in the real trading CFD and foreign exchange fields.
ALIBANK's passive income opportunities can provide investors who wish to invest in CFDs and foreign exchange transactions with ALIBANK with a consistent weekly 4% weekly profit distribution system, which is distributed to deposit value members every day. For those who want to enjoy the convenience of ALIBANK's financial intelligence, investing once a week will get the next result, which will be directly allocated to the member's account.


What is CFD trading?

Contracts for Difference (CFD) are derivative contracts, which are derivatives of other financial instruments (such as stocks, bonds and stock index values). A contract is an agreement reached between two parties to pay the difference between the sales price and the purchase price. When the contract value increases, the seller will pay the buyer, and when the contract value decreases, the situation is reversed. It gives traders the opportunity to profit from changes in the price of various assets, allowing them to open positions when asset prices rise and open positions when prices fall.

CFDs use the concepts of margin trading and leverage. The main essence of this concept is the application of debt so that it can continue to trade with small capital. You can still make a profit because it is not an asset, but a highly liquid contract.

Examples of CFD transactions:

*Assuming the initial price of Apple stock is $100. You terminate the (buy) CFD on 1,000 shares of Apple stock. If the price rises to $105, the difference paid by the seller to the buyer will be equal to $5,000. Conversely, if the price drops to $95, the seller will get a price difference of $5,000 from the buyer.


What is foreign exchange trading?
Foreign exchange transactions are currency transactions from different countries. Foreign exchange itself represents foreign exchange (currency exchange).

Examples of foreign exchange transactions are as follows:

Buy euros (European currency) and sell U.S. dollars (US currency), referred to as EUR/USD.

Buy the Australian dollar (Australian currency) and sell the US dollar (US currency) at the same time, abbreviated as AUD / USD. And others.

The existence of members, ALIBANK continues to run, because ALIBANK is not a financial game that rotates members’ money to other members. Because Alibank is a collection of CFD and foreign exchange traders, they have the experience and ability to profit from CFD and foreign exchange transactions.

We will not invite you, nor will we force you, but the way we provide solutions is to open trade and investment business opportunities through the ALIBANK master account, and always provide consistent profits to all ALIBANK members on time, because we have already traded with professionals The staff tested the system and strategy.

Hope it can provide financial solutions for potential investors/ALIBANK members


Greetings to all of us for success.